BONES ―骨は語る― シーズン10のPenspolのネタバレレビュー・内容・結末



We can never accurately predict what results our efforts will generate, but as Tennyson said - "Despite of day and night and death and hell."

"Well, numerous studies have shown that profanity can be quite beneficial when used in moderation."
"Okay, you're not seriously arguing that our four-year-old should be swearing?"
"Use of occasional profanity has been linked to increased circulation, elevated endorphins and an overall sense of calmness."

"The pain is always there. The challenge is to not try to make it go away."
"That's really not comforting."
"Fighting it is the problem. We fight to try and change the past or push it away. But the pain is part of who we are. It's like the discovery of the quark. It upended all our theories about physics. There was fury, fighting, but it was true. And when it was finally accepted, it gave us a better understanding of life. If we had denied it, there would have been no progress."

Death is just part of the deal. You know, we all come with an expiration date. That doesn't scare me at all. And what makes you so sure you're gonna go before me anyway?