It’s getting funnier and funnier as the season goes. I’m kind of influenced by Joey these days like the way he talks and stuff.
I like episode 9 where they play football, how they’re desperate and fight each other for insignificant things lol

Here is my impression of each character

・Ross is clumsy and sometimes pathetic but nice
・Joey is a womanizer and silly but lovable
・Chandler is funny, unstable and has emotional issues because of his parent’s divorce and uses humor as a defense mechanism
・Rachel is a little spoiled and sometimes mean but beautiful and is loved by many guys
・Monica is sometimes bossy and has bad taste in men but basically kind
・Phoebe is like a child, pure, goofy and cute. She hasn’t fought with any of the main characters and is always a peacemaker
I like the way she says “Oh my god” .