It is a timeless masterpiece of romantic between touring European princess Ann and American journalist Joe Bradley.
I could bask in the strong afterglow of the film of which the plot is rather easy and short though. Audrey Hepburn's naivete acting and Gregory Peck's astonishing performance of one man feeling conflict as a newswriter make the film be greatest degree of completion.
Their character expression is elaborate, so the 118 minutes does not have a black-and-white feel and I got carried away with it.
In the story, Ann and Joe visit world-famous places such as Piazza di Spagna, Bocca della Verità and Fontana di Trevi. I wish to go there someday.
Also some comedy parts didn't let me bored.
Especially I like the first scene which Ann's high-heeled shoe comes off and she tries to put it back.
It is of rare that a princess and an ordinary journalist fall in love. However brilliant acting by Audrey, who was a new star in Hollywood at that time, made the story real and superb. I am absolutely sure that she is worth receiving Academy Award for Best Actress in 1953.
In the beginning, Ann had been overwhelmed as her schedule had been too regimented and had no freedom. But I could notice her behavior as a princess developed in the end. Although it can't be said that happy ending and remains bitter sweet feeling, "I will cherish my visit here, in memory, as long as I live."