007 スペクターのVladのレビュー・感想・評価

007 スペクター(2015年製作の映画)
I had really low expectations for this movie, I didn't expect "Casino Royal" quality ... all I wanted was to have a bit of fun. But no, this movie is boooooriiiiiiing , 2h 30m ... my goodness it felt long

The 2.5 stars are for the opening sequence ... it's all I remember from this movie.

Monica Bellucci has only 5 minutes of screen time ... what? Lea Seydoux was miscast, Christoph Waltz was miscast - one of the worst Bond villains.
Daniel Craig was okay but the story was ... I wasn't looking for anything deep, I just wanted to have fun and I didn't.

Watch "Penguins of Madagascar" instead - the best spy movie of 2015 :)