The 8th movie from Quentin Tarantino ... I personally am a huge fan of his 2nd "Pulp Fiction." I like most of his movies, but this one is not in my top 5 Tarantino movies.

"The Hateful 8" is Tarantino's second western, but don't expect "Django Unchained" - it is probably the most dialogue-laden 会話の重みがある movie of his so get ready for a lot of listening and a little action.
Having said that しかしそうは言ったものの, I like "The Hateful 8" better than "Django Unchained"

The performances were generally good and the story was okay, but there was not enough suspense and humor for a 3-hour movie - it could have easily been 30 minutes shorter.

See it if you are a fan of Tarantino