I don’t know just how many sh*tty movies it’s gonna take for Gerard Butler to finally go away,
but we can certainly take away his title as an “A List actor” away from him.

After Olympus Has Fallen, I thought we were gonna see the action hero Butler we all fell in love with in 300.

But with London Has Fallen, Gods of Egypt, and with this movie I’ve given up on this guy.

It's every single cliched familiar disaster movie you've seen done AGAIN. But hey, if San Andreas, Into The Storm, or Independence Day2 just wasn't enough for you... then you'll still probably be unsatisfied.

I was expecting this movie to be a disaster CG fiesta, but most of this movie actually takes place in space.

So it plays out like a cheap version of Gravity. With no accurate physics of that movie.

Everything is familiar, predictable, and the characters are terrible. They're the absolute stereotypes of these kind of movies.

This movie should have gone straight-to-DVD and died there......

along with Gerard Butler's career....