ファウンダー ハンバーガー帝国のヒミツのyurifilmのレビュー・感想・評価

I was really glad to know about the story behind the foundation of McDonald’s. My viewpoint of McDonald’s changed. Needless to say, McDonald brothers were splendid cuz they created the very efficient and speedy system. But, I think Ray Croc was a great person too. He had a heartless side, but he made McDonald’s the largest company so far. Ray and McDonald brothers were complete opposite, but without them, we wouldn’t get cheap and delicious hamburgers anytime and anywhere. Both were essential to McDonald’s.

There is a quote which remains in my heart. That is, “Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.” I think persistence was all of Ray Croc cuz he never, never, never gave up his dream.