There's a reason why I'm picky and reserve the 1 star. It's for the worst of the worst.

The Emoji Movie is the worst animated movie I've seen in a very long time.

If the concept of emojis didn't sound stupid enough, this movie manipulates you and dumbs the audience down by saying that it's okay to be drawn to your phones. Because without phones there are no other lines of communication.

On a surface level, the animation looks neat and it's certainly a colorful movie.

But what genuinely offended me was the message behind it and it glorifies being addicted to your smartphones, and without it you can't even ask a girl out.
No confidence, or communication skills, as long as you have your phone, that's good!!😁🙉 Seriously f**k this movie!!

I'm not even gonna touch on the fact that the jokes are lame, they rip off everything from Inside Out to Wreck-It Ralph. James Cordon's voice especially was annoying.

Sony Pictures continues their streak of making the absolute worst movie possible and insults the audience.