‘The Emoji Movie’ is about emojis...90% of those who saw this movie say horrible things about this movie but I kinda enjoyed it in the first 30 mins but as the story goes on, it gets tedious and terrible. That’s what I felt about this movie. So technically it was terrible as people say. Well i will briefly tell the story of The Emoji movie just in case for some curious people. It follows an emoji named Meh which has been waiting to be used on a guy’s phone. However, when meh was chosen by him, he cannot help himself from changing his expressions because of nerve and exultant, though he was actually supposed to be only Meh. Considered to be malfunctioning by other emojis, he travels around applications on the guy’s phone to find a place where he can be re-programmed to have only one expression as Meh with help from a girl and Hi-5 and it leads the guy to delete all the apps including the one where all the emojis live...

It’s kinda hard to explain this story. Although I really don’t wanna compare this rubbish movie with an Oscar winning animated film, it makes a little resemblance to Inside Out stuff such as the plot taking place on the phone (Inside Out taking place in people’s minds though). And it was kinda fun to see those emojis messing around some applications like YouTube, where the really famous Japanese comedian Pikotaro can be seen singing his song. That really surprised me actually. Japanese people will definitely laugh their heads off cos never imagines him singing PPAP in Hollywood movies haha. Anyway, it’s been severely criticised by so many people but it includes something kinda funny. If you have time, try to see it.

Thank you for reading my brief review of ‘The Emoji Movie’!

P.S. It was a bit better than ‘Norm of the North’.