Bloodshot - Movie Review
(English translation below)

•[日本語] 初めてヴァリアント・コミックスからのキャラクターをベースとした、ヴィン・ディーゼル主演映画。まずあらすじからしてほぼ先が読めてしまうという、なんて古臭い内容なのか。ヴィン演じるキャラが1度殺され、ある組織によって生き返させられ、彼とそして奥さんを殺した奴らに復讐しにいくという、今まででどれだけこのような内容を見たかという感情。

まず最初の30分が意外ときつい。もちろんキャラクターを設定させるための時間でもあり内容も薄すぎるなか、生き返ったあとのヴィンが周りで起こっていることを整理しようとしているところをただひたすら見るだけ。もちろん他のキャラもいろいろと出てくるが、まったくどうでもよいって感じなってしまう。おそらく映画を見慣れてる人は、この先何が起こるのかは最初の方で予想できるであろう。Guy Pearceがいるだけで、変な雰囲気ってのも感じるであろう。


•[ENG] The first film based on characters from the Valiant Comics, starring Vin Diesel as a protagonist, who revives from his death with reinvigoration and takes revenge on his wife who also gets murdered...what a cliche. But at the same time there’s something wrong going on round him...yet, this kinda thing had already been done in plenty of films before...

The first 30mins was quite tough for me to sit through, although it was definitely establishing characters and other things too for the other half the film. Still, we basically see Vin Diesel dwelling on his life and tries to figure out what is going on after he wakes up, meeting some people in the facility. Once again, we had already seen this kinda films so many bloody times before. There’s really nothing original in terms of the beginning, thus just dull. Hence, it was pretty predictable what direction the plot would lead them to and for most film buffs, they can probably see what is going to be so-called plot twist especially right after Guy Pearce shows up.

One of the things which I could praise the film for was the quality of CGI. Even though some scenes looked as though we were playing video games cos of too much reliance on the technology, pretty much everything with the use of CGI was so detailed. It was the same as the Transformers franchise that we can be entertained by the high quality of visual effects that the production spent a hell lot of budget on for sure without caring about the story per se.