Marriage Story - Movie Review
(English translation below)*

•[日本語] 12/6にNetflixで配信予定の映画が、映画館で特別上映されてたので、お先に映画館で見ることができました。とってもよく出来たヒューマンドラマ映画。とくに僕は好きだったのは、脚本。くだらないジョークや、意味のないセリフなどが全くなく、言葉では表現できにくいことなどを上手くメタファーなどを使用し明確にしてストーリーを作り上げていた。とても心にひびく。



•[ENG] At an early screening before it’s going on Netflix, I got around to seeing it. This drama consists of such great elements that made it entirely wonderful. What I loved the most about the film was its amazingly well written screenplay. Nothing in it was like corny dad jokes or anything redundant to make it emotional. Rather, every dialogue genuinely means something more than just an expression. Sometimes, big artist metaphors really worked in it, making it clearer. How clever is that?

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson did such a fantastic job in the film as well. Especially, a scene where they explode to each other during a heated argument seemed to be done the way the director told them to act, thinking about what they really hated about one another in real life. Their performance, without doubt, caught such a long attention from every audience to the end.

The film using more space between the characters in places painted with only a specific tedious colour achieved to show the great distance between the characters. This probably makes you feel sad and think about marriage more deeply through the storytelling but it’s definitely worth seeing it. Coming out on the 6th of December on Netflix!