Offical Secrets - Movie Review
(English translation below)

•[日本語] アメリカ政府の違法な秘密情報を、国、人々を戦争から守るために流してしまったGCHQのメンバー、キャサリン・ガン。彼女の英雄的な行動はとてもすごい。自分を犠牲にしてまでも間違いを主張する勇者。グダグダ感もなく、しっかりと彼女の行動や最初から最後まで描かれているこの映画をぜひ見て、いろいろと学んでほしい。

キャサリンを演じたキラ・ナイトリーの演技は抜群だった。ストリートが進んでいき、彼女の立場も危機にせまっていくにつれ、彼女の顔の表情も一気に変わっていくという、驚くような感情表現。それと同時に、Medium Shotでうまく彼女の表情を掴み、彼女の顔にうつる適度な影が、すべてを語る。


•[ENG] Leaking U.S top secret information about an illegal spying operation is such an audacious and heroic act by this incredible lady, Katherine Gun! If you wanna get thrilled and have some shiver sent down on your spine by her valorous act that couldn’t have been done by anyone else, go check the film that throughly depicts it well without dragging out the story.

Keira Knightley did such an amazing job as Katherine Gun, ultimately mastering the change of her emotional state scene by scene as the story goes on and she gets convicted. The film also perfectly captures her facial expressions in medium shots with a good amount of shadow that totally speaks her sensation.

This is the film that keeps asking us about morality through the story of this woman. A saying: “Rules are to be broken” is clearly insinuated in this film.